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There are a dozen different home appliances in each household and they all differ in terms of use, brand and age and they all require different maintenance services. Though, the professionals of Appliances Service Port Moody have great knowledge of the specifications of all appliances and, certainly, the expertise, tools and experience to fix them all. From the simplest problem with the dishwasher of your home to the most complicated issues with commercial freezers, our company can take over the most difficult task and has the capacity and means to provide the best appliance service in British Columbia.

Fridge or dryer damages will not only make your life more difficult but they may create dangers and induce large energy bills and these are significant problems for both businesses and households in Port Moody. Home appliance service is our specialty and guarantees that your family won’t be bothered with similar issues. Our special teams would take care of commercial appliance repairs and make sure your restaurant or related business won’t have problems with the kitchen appliances.

When we are providing appliances service, we are aware that we are trying to battle with time. Though, thanks to the expertise and excellent, highly sophisticated equipment of Appliances Service Port Moody, we can assure you that problems will disappear and repair services will be instant.

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